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Liunic on Millennialsshit Lookbook

  When life goes averagely, little achievements are worth to celebrate! In a collaboration with Millennialsshit, we present to you Have An Average Day! A collection that's inspired by the mediocrity in life. A cute reminder that every achievement --no matter how small-- should be appreciated too! Shop this collection here.

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Liunic on Woodka Lookbook ✨

We can't believe it's finally here! We present you our Liunic on Woodka Collaboration! We're so excited to finally share these cuteness with you. The whole collection was inspired by the spirit of living in the moment. We often live such an automated life, we forget about what's actually happening now. We want to remind you that you have everything you need and all that matters is the time we have now.        We made a couple of timepieces with matching straps!  This one is called Universe In Your Hand x Mini Loka Sonokeling with leather strap.     Another one we made is called Here, Now x Lemo Maple with canvas strap. The straps are removable so you can...

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Cute and Cautious Gloves and Cotton Masks Lookbook

Hi everyone! We hope you're at home, safe and sound. This pandemic really changes our lives, the way we work, communicate, and just the way we experience our daily life. In Indonesia, the government had asked us to wear a cotton mask if we really need to go outside. We want to make sure everyone is safe, so here are our cotton masks and gloves for all of you who's cautious yet still want to look cute. Stay safe everyone!

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