Hello world!


Liunic on Things is an art label based fashion ware and accessories featuring colorful works, playful animal characters and some cute stuff in life. It is made for the connoisseur of cute. Liunic on Things are designed and handmade in our studio in Indonesia.


Story of Liunic on Things

Founded in June 2015 by illustrator, designer and artist Martcellia Liunic as an outlet to put her artworks to things. 

Back in 2015, she would join the local art market and thus kickstarted this art label. Started with only hand made brooches and earrings, now she's explored to create more things with various mediums! In the spirit of art for the masses, the project grow bigger and in January 2016, her BFF, Tasya Tirsa, took part in this label and became Liunic's partner. And of course with the help of Owi Liunic as their permanent cute advisor and maker!

Now Liunic on Things has grown bigger and bigger with the helps of many creatives that becomes the part of the family! In 2019, we opened our new concept store, LoT Space, at Dharmawangsa X No. A20! Our journey these past few years was such a super hustle yet fun adventure!

Made for the young at heart and created for the art lovers, Liunic On Things is set to share cuteness and colors to the world. Our products range from accessories, pins, earrings, bags, scarfs, shirts, hoodies, basically anything we can put our art in. So anyway, we hope that you enjoy our products just as much as we enjoy making them!

High five for reading until the end. Here is to many exciting things to come!