Is this website is for outside Indonesia ONLY?

- Yes it is! For Indonesian please shop at local marketplaces like shopee and tokopedia.

What is the currency for this international shipping web?
- It's in $USD

Why is the website is different from Indonesian?

- We wanted to keep it separate since we use different promos and rules (mostly shipping rules)

So you can deliver to around the world?

- Yes we have delivered our products to USA, Australia, South East Asia, France, Amsterdam and even as far as Russia.

Why does it take 2-3 Weeks for worldwide delivery?

- Because we're trying to use the best and cheapest shipping company (Indonesian post office is integrated with USPS) 
For fellow south east asian countries, the shipping time will definitely be shorter. (Example: 3-5 days to Singapore)

What if my mail got lost?

- We’ll surely help you relocate your missing packages! In some cases when the post office mislocated the package they’ll refund us and we can refund you. 

But if the package has been marked DELIVERED to you we’re not responsible for the missing package. There are cases where the package was stolen, or mixed up in your neighbor’s mail or received by other member in the family and unfortunately we cannot be responsible for that.

What if I want to return the product?

- Sorry we don't do return policy unless it's a defect from our end. So please communicate your needs clearly before any purchase.

How do I wash my printed products?

- On Canvas you can use washing machine, but of course it will be best if you hand wash them. The color will not fade. On leather we suggest you to just wipe them up or gently scrub with soap but don't soaked it in water. Some products may require dry cleaning, but don't worry! We will provide clear instructions for dry cleaning on those specific items.

Is Liunic on Things made ethically?

All of our creations are meticulously crafted in our studio, producing limited quantities to minimize waste. As a slow art label, we do not simply follow trends, but instead launch our products based on our own timeline and capacities, ensuring that each piece receives the attention and care it deserves. We prioritize sustainability and strive to create art that is both meaningful and mindful.

Is Liunic on Things handmade?

- Yes, it all mostly handmade and cut with hands.

Can we custom our own products with your drawing?

- No we can't custom products but if you're a company or brand who wants to collaborate, please email us to liuniconthings@gmail.com or hi@liunic.com

Is Liunic on Things made from original artwork?

- Yes it's drawn and design by Martcellia Liunic and our studio design team.