Q: Is this website is for Indonesia only?

A: Yes it is! We also ship internationally in liuniconthings.bigcartel.com :)


Q: Do you have another channel where I can shop?

A: Yes we do! Visit our Tokopedia store at tokopedia.com/liuniconthings


Q: I have trouble placing my order! Any instructions?

A: Please follow the steps in our How to Order page to help you place your order smoothly!


Q: How do I confirm my payment?

A: Click the menu bar (that look like this ☰) and go to the Payment Confirmation page. Fill the form and you’re good to go!


Q: What if iI failed to confirm my payment in the payment confirmation page?

A: Please kindly contact our line@ to confirm your payment. Orders that haven't been confirmed will not be proceed. Find our line @ by clicking the line picture on our website or add @liunic (don’t forget to insert the @)


Q: How long it takes for my order to arrive?

A: It depends on where you live and what shipping service you choose on the check out! The estimated time for every shipping service will be different, so please choose the one that really fits your desire!


Q: What if I want to return the product?

A:  Sorry, we do not accept return unless it’s defect on our ends. Please read the description carefully! If you’re unsure, you can ask us first at line@ :)


Q: How do I wash my printed products?

A: On Canvas you can use washing machine, but of course it will be best if you hand wash them. The color will not fade. On leather we suggest you to just wipe them up or gently scrub with soap but don't soaked it in water.


Q: Is Liunic on Things made ethically?

A: Yes, we made them locally in our studio in Indonesia. 


Q: Is Liunic on Things handmade?

A Yes, it all mostly handmade and cut with hands. (Do you know that most of sewing products are handmade? :)


Q: Is Liunic on Things made from original artwork?

A: Yes it's drawn and design by Martcellia Liunic and our studio design team;)