How (to try) to Stay Productive

In case you live abroad then you probably didn't know that some of us in Indonesia are under lockdown again. Trying to be productive can be hard especially when our moods are down and we feel like doing nothing. But life must go on and here are some small things you can do to stay productive!
✨Make A List✨
This one is incredibly useful, especially to keep you motivated! Make a list of things you need to do in day, and check one by one once you finished them all. 
Set Realistic Goals💥
If the first one didn't work, maybe it's time to step back a bit. Setting realistic goals when you plan your goals is incredibly important. List the things you know you're able to do, even the smallest things. 
Respect Your Energy⚡
Don't push yourself too hard. Everyone's energy is different, sometimes we could do more in a day and sometimes we do less. Health comes first, so take a rest when you need to!
Take It Slow is Okay Too💖
Finally, it's the most important tip of all. Taking it slow is okay, no need to compare yourself to others! 
That's all folks, hope you all staying safe and healthy! Find items that could help you to be more productive here, shipping is on us!
xxx, Liunic on Things Team
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