Liunic on Things February Zine is Here!

The month of love is ending, hope you have all the love you deserve! 
How did your February went? Ours is pretty good. Despite all the rainy days that's been around lately, we're excited to announce you something! Scroll down to find out!
 It seems like the rainy season is here already, so we made a playlist to listen to as we snuggle under the sweater! Listen to this one while it's pouring outside, it will put you on the perfect mood in the world: COZY! <3 
This is the first year we got introduced to Galentine! Have you heard of it? It's a day before Valentine's day when you celebrate the platonic love in your friendship! Even if it's way past that day, we encourage you to send your friend some love! Even as simple as sweet words will do!
The month of love won't be complete without some self love. So take a lil break, give yourself some space to recharge before you get back to catch your dream! Everyone have their own way to recharge, what's yours?
This month we also took you deeper into our small biz routine! Our team is small, but we work hard to give you the best we can! What session you'd like to see more?
Last but not least, remember the cute swimsuits we had in collaboration with Kerokoo 2 years ago? Yup, after a long time working on it, Liunic on Kerokoo II is coming at ya at March 1st! Follow our Instagram to see more updates!