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Liunic on Things February Zine is Here!

The month of love is ending, hope you have all the love you deserve!  How did your February went? Ours is pretty good. Despite all the rainy days that's been around lately, we're excited to announce you something! Scroll down to find out!  It seems like the rainy season is here already, so we made a playlist to listen to as we snuggle under the sweater! Listen to this one while it's pouring outside, it will put you on the perfect mood in the world: COZY! <3  This is the first year we got introduced to Galentine! Have you heard of it? It's a day before Valentine's day when you celebrate the platonic love in your friendship! Even if it's...

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Liunic on Things May Zine!

Can't believe May is ending! Time flies so fast when you're at home. This month we launch a cute Raya at Home Package, It's a mindful gift for you & your loved ones! We also have 2 of our Indoor Days zines where we learn about houseplants & also discovered how to bake vegan cookies. Thanks Rama Dicandra and Citra Marina for spending time with us! We also had our GIF challenge earlier this week and you guys are SO CUTE. We were so excited to see each of your creatures! Stay safe & cute at home!  

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Indoor Days: Bake it Off with Citra Marina

Hello everyone! This time we hung out with our friend Citra Marina! No wonder why Citra loves vegan baking, it's dairy & breakout-free, yeay! Apparently CItra had always into baking. But during this quarantine, she tried vegan baking for the first time, and it turned out great! She shared a tasty caramel chocolate cookie recipe for us to try at home, make sure you watch the whole video here! If you decided to try it yourself, upload it on Instagram and tag us so we can see it! Thank you so much Citra for sharing all this sweetness with us! We love youu and say hi to Choo Choo.               

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